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Striped Sandalwood

Striped Sandalwood

Solid Wood Dice - 7 Piece Set

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Just look at that Grain!   

Native to South Africa, Black Sandalwood is known for it's stiped grain, flowing with hues of golden brown and black. Each set is finished with a standard oil finish and the white inking makes the amazing font choice easy to read. These solid hardwood dice are the perfect addition, or start of any collection. 

Each set includes a D4, D6, D8, D10, D00, D12, and D20, and comes in a protective, foam lined metal tin. 

Each of these wooden dice sets are made of real hardwood, meaning each set will have variations of color, grain and finish, none of which will affect the overall quality, or usability of any of our dice sets. They may not look exactly like the set pictured.  

Warning! These dice are hardwood which can be dented, scratched or otherwise damaged when used or stored improperly. Always avoid excess moisture or spills and keep out of extreme temperatures. 

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